5th Sun Specialties

5th Sun Specialties is a craft-sized, gourmet hot sauce, tortilla chip and salsa company that specializes in responsible and sustainable growth and environmentally ecofriendly products.


Al Kirchner, the Owner of Food Matters Market in Brevard, North Carolina, has worked with Dan Breneman for years. “Dan’s positive communication process to his clients adds an additional benefit, helping to craft and in some case implement the operating as well as marketing point to the internal team as well to the customer. The key is to have a person with hands on understanding in the basic platform of your business. I can recommend Dan as a qualified as well as a very creditable partner in any effort he would undertake.”

Bassett Country Club

Bassett Country Club is a beautiful and historic club founded in 1926, soon after the Depression was over.  With a rich history, Bassett is a textbook definition of the services a well-run country club can contribute to the community.

Food Matters Market

Located near downtown Brevard, North Carolina, Food Matters Market is a community oriented market where food matters. Working hard to support local producers and sell healthy food grown in the region, FMM believes in helping the area economy and preserving natural resources. Quality Matters, Local Matters, Health Matters, Food Matters…