“Over 30 years experience working with clients and providing solutions that work.”

Based in Lake Lure, North Carolina and founded in 2006, Tru North Business Solutions provides organizations with a full range of consulting, strategic planning, and management services. With more than 30 years of experience in organizational leadership, sales & marketing, and private club hospitality management, Tru North offers a variety of services that always evolve around the objectives established by the clients we serve. Whether it’s assisting our clients with a full scale business plan or providing a secret shopper to your business, we are focused on providing measurable results.

Originally developed for the purpose of helping small to medium size private country clubs,  Tru North has expanded its services to small business and nonprofit organizations. Our true passion is leadership and helping people to reach their potential, with firm beliefs that many organizations are either stagnating or losing ground as a result of not addressing their most important asset; its people that represent the organization. Our tireless energy level and passion to excel in everything we do is reflected in the results that we produce for our clients.

Meet Our Team Leaders:

Dan Breneman, Owner & Founder

Dan Breneman has over 30 years of business experience in sales and marketing, small business ownership, Private Club management as a General Manager, and serving as President of a major Sports Medicine Supply Company. Dan’s vast business experience is invaluable for the clients he serves as he has experienced both the successes and hardships of owning and operating his own business. He most recently served as the Vice President of the Carolinas Golf Group in charge of turnaround projects in the private club arena and continues to work in this area in conjunction with Signet Golf Associates.

Dan initially gained experience as a sales and marketing representative in the printing industry and for nine straight years exceeded his assigned quota, earning many sales performance awards. He then purchased and served as President of a fledgling Sports Medicine Supply Company where in five short years his company became the market share leader in the industry before being purchased by a Fortune 500 company. Dan then took his skills to the private club industry, taking on five struggling private clubs and turning them into strong operational clubs. With a twenty plus year career officiating High School and College basketball, Dan presently serves as a Regional Supervisor of High School Basketball Officials in Western North Carolina.